the government wants to lower prices

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The talks between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the employers seem to be bearing fruit. Already some progress can be observed. The new air fares have thus fallen between 40% and 70%.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda

From now on, it will cost about $ 224 for a single ticket from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi, the same amount for the trip between Kinshasa and Goma, compared to almost $ 400 previously. A breakthrough that was warmly welcomed by Derick Tshibangu, President of the Consumer Association.

“This is a situation that is favorable to consumers,” he said. Bypass [redevance prélevée par la régie des voies aériennes depuis 2009, NDLR], which is useless. “

Important products

It remains to regulate the prices of basic consumer products. Discussions continue with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

“To introduce this award, but still a nuance on his part John Nkono, Secretary General of the Congolese Business Association (FEC, Congolese employers), is to ensure that companies no longer know how to operate, can not cover all operating costs and in the end it will close. It will be the same for the import sectors, where prices are freely fixed. “

In correspondence with the Prime Minister, the FEC recommends taking into account all elements that are under the control of the government and that have a negative effect on the price structure.

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