in the north and the center, schools and teachers in the grip of jihadist threat

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For a time closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Malian schools are now officially open. Baccalaureate is also underway. However, some schools remain closed due to uncertainty.

as reported from Bamako, Kaourou Magassa

Mody Samba Touré is a teacher in the town of Kidal, but it is in a restaurant in Bamako that he eats breakfast. In 2014, he was seriously injured during a controversial visit by the then Prime Minister to the stronghold of ex-separatists. Since then, he has been banished 1,500 kilometers from his post.

“I still work for Kidal. But we do not teach, we do not go back because we do not feel safe. We do not feel that the place is too favorable, especially as the state of Malia does not cover Kidal. Especially since the state is not present in all of Kidal’s structures, especially since security is not ensured by the Malian army. ”

In the north and center of the country, books have been burned in an auto-fire, schools have been closed under terror pressure.

For Amadou Coulibaly trade unionist, the report is bitter. “These so-called Muslims, who are on earth and who are the elements of Amadou Koufa or the elements of Iyad Ag Ghali, do not want us to pass on classical knowledge, that is, knowledge in French to children. They want the Qur’an to be applied to the children in these areas. ”

According to the union official, more and more teachers are quitting the job to no longer be a target. There are no quantitative data on these conversions, but more than 1200 schools have been closed in Mali due to uncertainty.


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