Hiccups in the appointment of delegates to the negotiations

Consultations between Chadian political-military groups continue in Doha. Qatar, which was to mediate, asked them to appoint ten delegates among themselves to lead the negotiations among the 52 movements present at the opening. The discussions are moving forward, even though we are still far from the end. And all the more so as they are divided into two groups.

With our special correspondent in Doha, Florence Morice

First, there is the so-called “Rome” group, so-called because it brings together movements that, before coming to Doha, had already met under the auspices of the Sant Egidio community.

They are 22 in total, including all Chadian rebel movementsis considered the most important.

According to our information, this group from Rome is preparing to hand over to Qatar mediation a list of 14 delegates who would be led by a head of delegation. The personality of Adoum Yacoub, leader of the FPRN, seems to have won unanimous support.

Can a compromise still be found? But in the meantime, another group, called the “Doha Group” and consisting of about thirty movements, conducted their own consultations in order to arrive at a list of sixteen representatives on Friday night, which they are also preparing to submit to Qatari mediation.

A total of thirty delegates will therefore be proposed instead of the ten requested. What will be Qatar’s strategy in this situation? Will they agree to it mediate with so many delegates?

Can you still find a compromise? This is what is happening now, with the knowledge that several rebel groups have made it known that they would leave this pre-dialogue process if Doha is content with the role of mediator and not as mediator.

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