Rwanda: Steel Company Gives Sewing Machines to Widows in Rwamagana Affected by Genocide


Steel Rwa, a steel manufacturing company situated in Rwamagana District, generously donated six electric sewing machines to the Association of Widows of the Genocide, AVEGA-Agahozo, residing in the same district on October 27. This act of kindness is part of the company’s commitment to social responsibility, aiming to give back to the community. The assortment of sewing machines included ones used for sewing clothes, refining fabrics, and weaving sweaters. These machines were presented to a group of 21 Genocide widows named “Izihirwe”.

During the handover ceremony, Sandeep Phadnis, the General Manager of Steel Rwa, expressed the company’s dedication to supporting and assisting AVEGA-Agahozo members, ensuring them of a long-lasting partnership. Phadnis also highlighted that collaborating with elderly women is a tremendous blessing, emphasizing the genuine purpose of the company’s support.

Jeanne Umutoni, the Vice Mayor of Rwamagana District in Charge of Social Affairs, sincerely thanked Steel Rwa for their generous donation and praised the company for continuously supporting various activities in the district. She encouraged the members of Avega-Agahozo who received the sewing machines to utilize them effectively, as this equipment plays a vital role in improving their lives. Umutoni acknowledged the positive impact that engaging in their work would have on their personal development, helping them avoid feelings of loneliness and potential trauma.

Annonciata Kibukayire, the President of AVEGA-Agahozo in the Eastern Province, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Steel Rwa for their unwavering support. She emphasized the need for a larger workshop to accommodate the increased number of sewing machines, which would enhance productivity. Kibukayire suggested moving to a commercial space rather than operating from their residences to meet market demand. Additionally, she highlighted the sustainability of their work and its potential to benefit both their group and the market as a whole.

Xaverine Majawayezu, President of the Izihirwe group comprising 21 AVEGA-Agahozo members who received the sewing machines, extended her profound appreciation to Steel Rwa and acknowledged the company’s past support. She commended the user-friendly nature of the electrically operated sewing machines they received, stating that these machines would not only improve their production but also contribute to their overall success and growth.