Russian State TV Host Says West Will Be ‘Reduced to Ashes’ if War Is Lost

Russian State Tv Host Says West Will Be 'reduced To Ashes' If War Is Lost

A Russian state TV host has stated the West might be “reduced to Ashes” in a nuclear struggle ought to the nation discover itself shedding the battle in Ukraine.

Rossiya 1 TV host Vladimir Solovyov declared Russia was in a “holy war” towards Ukraine and the West as he critized U.S. President Joe Biden and different world leaders.

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Solovyov stated: “We dwell in latter days. What’s occurring in Ukraine will not keep in Ukraine. A holy struggle is underway. We’re combating for the proper of mankind to dwell in its authentic state, as designed by the Creator.

“These fools who’re attempting to combat they don’t seem to be combating towards us, they’re at struggle with God. In case of their victory, their finish is definite.

“When I say that either we win, or the whole world will be reduced to ashes, this also has another meeting. How can humanity that fights against God continue to exist?”

The clip was shared by the Russian Media Monitor, which shares translations of feedback made by Kremlin propagandists, on December 17.

Solovyov – who was heard coughing at occasions – praised Russia as a defender of Christendom, a declare made by supporters of Vladimir Putin who paint the West as degenerate.

Solovyov added: “Have a look at (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky’s face. Have a look at Biden’s face, a completely deceitful, nasty, scary no-good particular person.

“He is not like Trump. Why was Trump out of favor? Betrigger he’s completely conventional, at the least in some methods. Trump’s conventional character provoked hatred.

“If you think about what’s happening. It’s Satanism. They’re purely demonic, you can’t put it any other way.”

The Russian TV host, who has frequently pushed pro-Kremlin propaganda previously, then justified the usage of nuclear weapons towards Western Europe and the U.S. by referencing the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Solovyov stated: “When people are trying to tell me about whether nuclear weapons can be used or not, I will respond to that briefly and clearly, ‘do you remember this part of Biblical history?’ Sodom and Gomorrah?'”

Based on the Bible, God destroyed the 2 thriving cities as a result of evil and wickedness of their populations.

The 2 cities have been referenced quite a few occasions in latest occasions by individuals who view trendy nations as being decadent and shifting towards God’s will.

Newsweek has contacted the Kremlin for remark.

Russian TV hosts have frequently made oblique threats to the West for the reason that outbreak of the struggle in Ukraine earlier this yr.

Earlier this month, Russian state TV hosts on Rossiya 1 joked about invading Western capitals together with London and Lisbon.

Within the clip, the group mentioned a plan for Moscow to grab London, together with its soccer golf equipment and pubs.

“If we reach Lviv, it will be ours. If we reach Lisbon and London, they will be ours,” stated one Kremlin propagandist.

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