Rudiger asserts, “If one exhibits racism towards Vini, they exhibit it towards me.”

Rudiger Asserts, "if One Exhibits Racism Towards Vini, They Exhibit It Towards Me."

Real Madrid defender, Antonio Rudiger, recently spoke out in an interview with ‘GQ’ about the racist abuse suffered by his teammate, Vinicius Jr. Rudiger emphatically stated that those who insult and exhibit racist behavior towards Vinicius are also indirectly being racist towards him. He made it clear that while he personally hasn’t experienced racism in Spain, it’s evident that Vinicius has been subjected to such abuse. Rudiger highlighted that this issue extends beyond Spain and occurs everywhere.

Acknowledging that racists form a minority in the country, Rudiger emphasized the importance of correcting their behavior, reiterating that all individuals are equal. Speaking about his experience playing in Spain, the German described the football as highly technical and intense, expressing his happiness in Madrid, where people from diverse backgrounds live harmoniously.

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Rudiger emphasized that wearing the Real Madrid jersey requires utmost motivation, stating that if one lacks motivation, there is a problem. He revealed that his main goal is to win the Champions League with Madrid, as he feels he hasn’t accomplished everything yet. With his prime years ahead of him, Rudiger expressed a strong desire for titles and sees winning the Champions League as a crucial achievement.

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