“Ronaldo… Oh, How I Once Adored Him!”

Saka Urged To Join Arsenal On A 10-year Deal.

Get ready to be blown away by the awe-inspiring journey of Bukayo Saka, the starboy of Arsenal, as he spills it all in an interview on Tuesday about how he skyrocketed into the world of football and up the ranks of the London club. Brace yourselves for the mind-boggling fact that at the tender age of 9, Saka was already emulating the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kicks! Hold onto your hats as we delve deeper into the labyrinthine machinations that propelled him into the Arsenal Academy and then onto the stage of Premier League stardom, where he has notched up over 176 games, 37 goals and assists and was the first player this season to reach double digits in both categories.

But wait, there’s more! Saka is not just any player, no siree! He is the youngest to achieve this feat and the eighth player in Arsenal history to hit this milestone. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Saka reveals with a hint of despondency that Arsenal’s title dreams look to be over this season after their loss at home to Brighton made way for City to snatch the title. Don’t despair, though, for Saka still has plenty of time left in one of the Premier League’s youngest squads to stake his claim to the throne!

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Quiver with excitement as Saka praises his parents for their unwavering support throughout his journey, from taking him to training and games and ensuring he ate well to helping him strike a balance in life. This is the stuff of legends, and we haven’t even touched on how he made his first-team debut aged 17 and 86 days during a Europa League game against Vorskla Poltova under Unai Emery.

Are you ready for this? Here’s the kicker: Saka has played over 176 games with the first team and amassed an astonishing 37 goals and 37 assists. This is a meteoric rise to fame, and Saka is basking in the adoration of fans and teammates alike. In a quote that will set your heart racing, Saka revealed that he wants his goals and assists to count for something, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!

Are you speechless yet? If not, head to the tweet by Arsenal on May 16, 2023, for more jaw-dropping details!

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