Resolution of Political Division in Northern Somalia: Government and Opposition Embrace Traditional Elders’ Proposed Agreement

Resolution Of Political Division In Northern Somalia: Government And Opposition Embrace Traditional Elders' Proposed Agreement

Wednesday August 30, 2023

Hargeisa (AX) – In a positive turn of events, the government of Northern Somalia and opposition parties have reached an agreement to hold the Presidential and political organization elections simultaneously. This is a crucial step towards ending the prolonged electoral dispute that has plagued the nation.

The committee of traditional elders, responsible for mediating the conflict, announced on Tuesday night that Chief Muse Bihi Abdi, leader of the ruling party, along with the leaders of the opposition parties Waddani and UCID, have accepted the recommendations put forth by the mediation committee. This inclusive decision has also gained the support of previously dissenting political organizations, fostering an environment of consensus.

The disagreement between the government and the opposition primarily revolves around the sequencing of the elections for political organizations and the presidential post. Chief Bihi advocated for conducting the elections for political organizations before the presidential election, a stance that was met with opposition. However, the mediation committee has made a crucial determination: both political organizations and the Presidential post will be elected on November 13, 2024, ensuring equal consideration for all participants.

Furthermore, the committee of traditional elders has issued a directive for the immediate dissolution of the anti-government rebels currently gathered in the Gacan-Libah Mountains. They have set a deadline of five days for this action and assigned elder members to oversee the process. Additionally, the committee has instructed the government to grant pardons to these rebel forces.

These recent developments are significant milestones in resolving the electoral dispute and have the potential to establish a more stable political landscape in Northern Somalia.

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