Recall of Official from Zimbabwe for Diplomatic Travel Error: South African News Update – October 18, 2023

South African Home Affairs Official Faces Disciplinary Action for Delaying Diplomatic Travel

An official named Castro Mlaba, working for the South African Home Affairs department in Harare, is undergoing disciplinary measures for his role in causing a delay in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s delegation’s travel to Zimbabwe in September. According to an article on TimesLIVE, the incident occurred on September 4 when President Ramaphosa was attending the inauguration of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mlaba is being accused of neglecting to ensure the swift processing of travel documents for the entire delegation, resulting in a delay of over an hour. Mlaba maintains his innocence, claiming that he was unaware of the changes made in the travel arrangements. The labour court has ruled that Mlaba must return to South Africa to face the disciplinary hearing.

Shoprite CEO Receives Lower Salary Compared to Woolworths CEO, Despite Leading a Larger Company

In another news article, it has been revealed that the CEO of Shoprite, one of the largest retail companies in South Africa, earns a lower salary than the CEO of Woolworths, despite Shoprite having a larger company size.

Fuel Prices Anticipated to Decrease in November, Offering Relief to South African Citizens

The Automobile Association (AA) has forecasted a decrease in fuel prices for November in South Africa, bringing some relief to financially burdened individuals. This update comes after three consecutive months of fuel price increases, with petrol and diesel surpassing R25 per litre. The expected decrease is attributed to stable international oil prices and a favorable dollar-rand exchange rate. While this news is welcomed by consumers grappling with high expenses, the AA warns that the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas may have a negative influence on oil prices.

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