Rebel forces launch deadly ambush attack in Northern Somalia, claiming lives of nine police officers

Rebel Forces Launch Deadly Ambush Attack In Northern Somalia, Claiming Lives Of Nine Police Officers

In a tragic turn of events on Friday, a group of anti-government rebel militia based in Ga’an Libah Mountain launched an ambush attack on police officers, resulting in the death of nine soldiers and the injury of 17 others.

The Police Commander Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadhi and Minister of Interior Mohamed Kahin Ahmed addressed the local media in Hargeisa, shedding light on the incident. They revealed that the police officers were en route to the Go’dayar district in the Sahli region when the attack took place.

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“Given this incident and the loss of our police forces, it is imperative for them to prioritize self-defense and the protection of our nation. Consequently, the police force has been granted the authority to appropriately respond to the rebels,” stated Dabagale.

Minister of Interior Mohamed Kahin Ahmed further explained that they had previously refrained from immediate action against the militias due to requests from elders and individuals involved in business. However, the Minister accused Abdirahman Irro, a presidential candidate from the Wadani Party, of obstructing peace efforts.

From his location in Borama town, Abdirahman Irro urged the rebel group to renounce violence and called upon the government to withdraw its military presence from the rebels’ concentrated area.

“Our stance is firmly against resorting to armed conflict or any form of violence. I implore the President to recall his troops, and I appeal to the armed individuals to disarm and resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue,” stated Irro.

Irro emphasized his unwillingness to have his presidential aspirations associated with bloodshed, affirming that his party upholds values of peace, solidarity, and unity.

However, last month Northern Somalia Chief Muse Bihi Abdi dismissed concerns about the emergence of anti-government rebels in Ga’an Libah Mountain, downplaying the threat they posed. He stated that the people of Northern Somalia had no interest in engaging in conflict.

The rebel group’s spokesperson, Ahmed Ali Haybe, claimed that the recent activities of the militia in the mountains were in response to Chief Bihi’s use of force against the opposition.

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