Real Madrid’s Mestalla voyage to involve a staggering absence of non-attendees!

Carlo Ancelotti, the esteemed manager of Real Madrid, recently orchestrated an intensive session with all the players at his disposal in preparation for their upcoming visit to Mestalla, the stadium of Valencia. This marked their second and final training session held at the impressive Valdebebas complex, and Ancelotti went to great lengths analyzing the physical fitness of those who started against Manchester City to make crucial decisions about the starting line-up for the upcoming game.

Real Madrid is still reeling from the daunting defeat by Manchester City, resulting in their elimination from the esteemed Champions League competition. Yet, they are determined to end their La Liga season on a winning streak, securing a solid second-place finish now that Barcelona has taken the championship title with four games still remaining.

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During the training session, Ancelotti led his players with formidable expertise, with key players such as David Alaba, Rodrygo Goes, and Karim Benzema training intensively with the group. Even though these skilled footballers arrived at the European showdown with various health issues, they trained rigorously with the team and are now fit to start the match against Valencia.

Following the warm-up and the highly engaging initial Rondos, Real Madrid concluded their session behind closed doors with impactful ball exercises and smaller team games. These exercises allowed Ancelotti to make informed decisions about the optimal form of each player before deciding on the changes that will be made to the starting line-up for the upcoming game at Mestalla. This game is of utmost importance, especially since Valencia is playing for survival.

All in all, everyone can expect the upcoming game to be one of the most thrilling and nail-biting matches of the season. The world eagerly anticipates how Real Madrid will perform, but with Ancelotti at the helm, anything is possible.

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