RB Leipzig refutes claims of an accord with City for Gvardiol in shocking twist

In Summer, Man City's Perplexing Quest To Secure Gvardiol's Signature!

In a twist of events, RB Leipzig’s sporting director, Max Eberl, has thrown a curveball by denying any sort of agreement between his club and Manchester City regarding the highly sought-after Croatian defender, Josko Gvardiol. Despite earlier reports from trusted source Fabrizio Romano hinting at an impending transfer to the Sky Blues, Eberl has adamantly refuted these claims.

“There is absolutely no agreement in place, if anything, it’s quite the opposite,” exclaimed Eberl in a perplexing fashion. “To be brutally honest, we are utterly taken aback by the immense amount of misinformation surfacing in the past few hours. But, please, take a moment to absorb this undeniable fact: Josko is physically present at our esteemed training center as we speak. Hence, it becomes abundantly clear that these speculations are nothing but pure fallacy.”

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Adding to the general state of confusion, Eberl further revealed, “I can assure you, without a shadow of a doubt, that Josko has yet to undergo any medical examinations at Manchester City. It is simply inconceivable. His professionalism is impeccable, and thus, we firmly believe such a scenario to be highly unlikely. At RB Leipzig, our resolute stance is that we truly desire Josko to remain with us. We are fervently fighting for his retention.”

Interestingly enough, Eberl also addressed the financial aspect of the situation, refuting claims of RB Leipzig’s need for monetary gain despite the persistent rumors of an extravagant €100 million deal. “Rest assured, the transfer of Szoboszlai to Liverpool has ensured our financial stability. We do not yearn for mere wealth. No, our utmost preference is for Josko to stay. Understand that we are not an obstinate club that obstructs for the sake of it. We possess clear objectives and we fervently wish for them to be fulfilled,” Eberl concluded, leaving us feeling even more perplexed than before.

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