Qatar Charity Initiatives Boost Food Security in Somalia


Qatar Charity (QC) has made significant contributions to improving food security in Somalia, as well as in more than 50 other countries worldwide, according to a recent statement. In alignment with this year’s World Food Day theme of “Water is Life, Water is Food, Leave No One Behind,” QC invests in agricultural programs and initiatives that enhance food production and support small farmers.

Somalia is currently facing a severe drought and food shortage crisis, and QC is actively working to provide water and food assistance to those affected through its various projects. In an effort to address the malnutrition situation in the drought-stricken city of Baidoa, QC has provided agricultural equipment, seeds, and tools to enhance and develop agricultural capabilities. This support aims to help residents secure harvests during the rainy season and prevent over 8,000 people from experiencing famine.

To ensure food security, QC also provides cash transfers to those in need for a three-month period, enabling them to obtain necessary food supplies and improve their living conditions. Additionally, QC implemented a project in the governorates of Galjudud and Bay to protect the assets of rural families affected by the desert locust disaster in 2020. The project benefited 6,000 people by providing agricultural equipment, seeds, and training to enhance their agricultural skills and promote best practices.

In the Galgadud and Bay governorates, QC distributed agricultural equipment, including seeds, fertilizers, and manual plowing tools, to 1,000 families with the objective of ensuring successful harvests during the rainy season. Furthermore, 150 farmers underwent training to enhance their production capabilities. The aim of these food security projects in Somalia is to mitigate the threats posed by locusts to agricultural and pastoral lands, preserve food stocks, and rehabilitate and empower those affected. This will help them sustain their productivity, improve their living conditions, and secure a steady food supply.

From the start of this year until July, QC has implemented 50 water projects in Somalia’s Harshabelle and Galmudug regions. These projects involved the drilling of 50 wells, including 39 shallow wells and 11 deep wells, with the goal of meeting the local communities’ demand for clean drinking water.

In collaboration with the Somali Ministry of Energy and Water, QC has undertaken various water projects, including drilling new wells, constructing water storage stations, maintaining existing wells, and installing modern solar-powered pumps. These efforts aim to assist those affected by drought and recurrent floods, as outlined in a joint memorandum of understanding between QC and the ministry.