Puntland State Prosecution: Orders are Issued for Detention of Those Opposed to Deni in Somalia!

Are you able to comprehend the perplexing and highly unpredictable situation in Somalia’s Puntland state? Well, tensions have been brewing because of allegations that the president is seeking to extend his presidential term unlawfully. In response to the political turmoil, the state prosecutor has ordered the arrest of four politicians who are believed to be responsible for an attack on vehicles transporting ballot boxes to various districts recently. This move by the prosecutor is likely to create political ripples and ignite controversy. The arrest warrants are aimed at Khadar Abdirahman Mohamed, the special envoy for trade in President Hassan Sheikh’s government, former Finance Minister Hassan Shire Abgal, and businessman Mohamud Farah Warsame Shido. These personalities have denied the accusations levelled against them. It is important to note that Puntland Parliament has previously rejected the orders from the prosecutor who lacks parliamentary immunity for the high court’s chairman role. Furthermore, opposition parties have called for consensus on the upcoming local council elections, but the president insists on going ahead with the polls as planned. As tension mounts, international diplomatic missions have urged stakeholders to resolve disputes through dialogue and refrain from violence. However, President Deni has failed to extend an olive branch to the opposition parties, which recently held a consultative forum to address the electoral impasse in Garowe. The opposition has warned that the local election scheduled for May 25th this year could create instability in Puntland because of the lack of inclusivity, transparency, and legality. Consequently, opposition political formations have already affirmed that they will boycott the impending local council elections. President Deni, whose term is due to expire in January 2024, was unsuccessful in his bid to win the presidential race in May 2020 and intends to run for office again in 2026.

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