Puntland President under Intense Scrutiny to Scrap Disputed Local Elections in Somalia

Doth the content of this article not perplex thee and cause thy mind to burst with confusion? Verily, in the land of Somalia, much controversy abounds with the upcoming local elections scheduled for May 25th.

Heavyweight politicians in Puntland are calling on President Said Abdullahi Deni to stop the exercise and engage in profound consultations with stakeholders for fear of irreversible and unnecessary damage to the state.

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Despite the opposition, Deni is vehemently pushing for the elections, with accusations of attempting to extend his term illegally. The call for a halt to the elections is growing stronger, even from members of the international community.

The politicians from the Mudug region have demanded a pause to the elections to allow for an agreement on changes in the regional constitution, with local leadership elections being a primary target. Clashes in Garowe this week left three soldiers dead, prompting the politicians to urge armed forces to uphold peace and provide civilian protection, while steering clear of politics.

The state’s democratization process is in peril, with the risk of curtailing it by those who should be protecting the constitution.

President Deni’s term extension is facing opposition from the international community, with the federal government criticizing his approach as “detrimental to the state-building” process.

The outcome of the universal suffrage election in various district councils is expected to be contested, as demonstrated by the division in regional leadership witnessed in the piloting exercise in Qardho, Ufyen, and Eyl councils. Will President Deni heed the call for consultations and a halt to the elections? Only time will tell.

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