Puntland opposition raises concerns about election commission’s credibility before regional polls


Garowe (AX) – The Puntland opposition group has made it clear that they do not recognize the Puntland Independent Election Commission (PEC) after President Deni announced that this commission would oversee a fair election within three months.

In a press release issued on Saturday, the opposition stated that the formation of the election committee was done illegally, rendering everything it produces invalid. They have accused President Deni of trying to hold onto power through force and an illegal extension of his term, which they believe is a threat to the peace of Puntland.

The opposition is urging the international community to refrain from supporting what they see as a fraudulent and illegally extended process. They have specifically addressed the government of the United Arab Emirates, which supports the Puntland navy, claiming that President Deni intends to manipulate the destiny of the Puntland people.

Furthermore, the opposition has announced that if President Deni proceeds with what they deem as unlawful actions, they will establish a committee to select the parliament and address any election disputes.

President Deni has reaffirmed his strong commitment to avoiding a term extension in his recent speech. He has emphasized that it is possible to conduct elections in which parties compete for 66 parliamentary seats and elect the president and vice president within the remaining three months of his administration.