Puntland Elections Threatened by Impending Disruptions, Warns Police Chief with Urgency and Unease.

Today, Sunday May 14, 2023, Garowe (AX) witnessed an intriguing and bewildering turn of events as Puntland’s police chief, Mumin Abdi Shire, made a brash declaration to take action against any miscreants who dare try to disrupt the upcoming local council elections in Puntland.

In a frank and vigorous address to the media on Saturday, the police chief promised to protect the sanctity of the polls from anyone and everyone, whether that may be a power-hungry politician, a corrupt businessman, or even individuals desperate to sow the seeds of chaos and confusion. Mumin Abdi Shire laid emphasis on the fact that the police have irrefutable knowledge of a group attempting to form militias and wreak havoc during the election, but they remain unfazed and committed to the cause of preventing any untoward incidents from happening.

“Our message is crystal clear. We will take fierce action against anyone who dares to resort to violence. The citizens should have faith in casting their votes freely and without fear. Even if the election is attacked, we will make every effort to ensure that it doesn’t hamper the voting process”, voiced the police chief with great conviction.

Interestingly enough, Puntland’s police chief’s statement comes hot on the heels of heated rhetoric from the former finance minister of Puntland, Hassan Shire Abgaal, who threatened to impede what he perceives as President Deni’s insatiable greed.

Moreover, the Puntland state leaders, alarmed and agitated by the political unrest, have accused a number of politicians, including Hassan Shire Abgaal, of instigating riots against the local government elections, which are scheduled for May 25 across 37 districts in Puntland.

What’s more, many prominent politicians such as the ex-Puntland Presidents Abdirahman Faroole and Abduwali Gaas, have announced that they will boycott the polls due to mismanagement. Hassan Shire Abgaal, who previously shared a closeness with President Deni, has warned that President Deni will face dire consequences that could endanger the election slated for January 8, 2024.

Last week, even the Prime Minister Hamza weighed in on the matter and stressed that the federal government will not tolerate an election that could put Puntland in harm’s way. He went on to suggest that while people should have the freedom to vote as they desire, if the election threatens to destroy the peace and prosperity in Puntland, it should be executed in a well-thought-out manner, acceptable to all.

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