President Hassan Sheikh receives sudden and bewildering presentation of credentials from UK’s latest ambassador


The presentation of diplomatic credentials by Mike Nithavrianakis to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has caused quite a stir in the UK’s diplomatic circles. As the new British Ambassador to Somalia, Nithavrianakis expressed his great honour and pride in the fact that he was accepted in this role by the respected leader of Somalia.

The citizens of Somalia, with their rich culture and entrepreneurial spirit, will undoubtedly form a strong bond with Nithavrianakis. Although there are numerous challenges facing Somalia, the UK stands strong behind its commitment to support and assist Somalia in every possible way.

As a long-standing friend of Somalia, Nithavrianakis emphasised the strong commitment of the UK to support Somalia in the fight against terrorism, especially against the al-Shabaab extremist group.

The President of Somalia was equally grateful for the UK’s multiple contributions in the areas of humanitarian, development, and security sectors. Nithavrianakis’ extensive experience and knowledge, garnered from his many roles and postings since his association with the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in 1984, will ensure he excels in this new role.

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