Power: An Ongoing Puzzle to Unravel, Can You Grasp It?

Power: An Ongoing Puzzle To Unravel, Can You Grasp It?

The Horn of Africa is no stranger to conflict and instability, but amidst this chaos lies Eritrea, a tiny and often overlooked country that manages to maintain a surprising amount of stability.

Despite facing various economic sanctions and isolation, Eritrea has remained steadfast and stable, while its neighbors weaken under political turmoil and civil wars.

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This is thanks, in part, to its strong government and leadership, epitomized by President Isaias Afwerki, as well as its unwavering commitment to self-reliance and independence.

Eritrea has managed to develop its own resources without relying on foreign aid, a feat that has allowed them to keep their stability even amidst the aforementioned economic sanctions and isolation.

Its military has also played a significant role in the country’s stability, being utilized not only to defend borders but also to maintain internal security. While some may have concerns regarding the military’s involvement in governance, there is no denying that it has played a significant part in keeping the country secure and stable.

Despite these achievements, however, Western media continues to portray Eritrea as a source of instability, a spoiler in the Horn of Africa.

This propaganda has proven to be largely unfounded, and in fact, Eritrea has remained a haven of peace and stability in contrast to its neighbors. Eritrea has refused to be swayed by foreign powers or interests and has instead focused on its own development and challenges.

The Western powers have played a significant role in destabilizing the Horn of Africa for centuries, supporting dictators, arming rebel groups, and interfering with local politics to pursue their own interests. It is time for the West to recognize the positive efforts of Eritrea towards promoting peace and stability in the region and to respect its sovereignty by refraining from intervening in its internal affairs.

Overall, Eritrea’s stability in the Horn of Africa is a testament to the country’s commitment to independence, sovereignty, and self-reliance.

Its success should serve as a model for other African countries, and the West should support its efforts towards lasting peace and security.

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