Planned Torah burning cancelled: “Never intended to burn”

Planned Torah Burning Cancelled: "never Intended To Burn"

The man who organized a public gathering outside Israel’s embassy in Stockholm to burn the Torah and the Bible chose not to burn the religious scriptures.

– I’m Muslim and we don’t burn other books, says the man.

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In the application, the man, who is in his 30s, had written that he wanted to burn the Torah and the Bible in front of the Israeli embassy in response to the recent Koran burnings. He wrote that it is “a symbolic gathering for the sake of freedom of speech”.

At the scene outside the embassy, ​​the man threw a lighter on the ground and said he didn’t need it. He went on to say that he had no intention of burning any books.

– I never thought I would burn any books. I’m a Muslim, we don’t burn, said the man.

The reason for the gathering was to draw attention to the difference between freedom of speech and to take action against other ethnic groups, according to the organizer.

– I want to show that we have to respect each other, he says.

Strong reactions
The police’s approval of the gathering has provoked strong reactions internationally. Outside the Israeli embassy, ​​several media, including international ones, were on site to cover the course of events.

Earlier, the World Jewish Congress described the event as “hateful” and the Swedish Jewish Central Council had condemned the plans in advance.

“The Jewish Central Council continues to condemn the abuse of freedom of expression that takes place with the aim of sowing hatred in society,” the council wrote in a statement.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog also condemned the action in advance.

“As president of Israel, I condemned the burning of the Koran, which is sacred to Muslims worldwide, and I am now devastated that the same fate awaits the Hebrew Bible, the holy book of the Jewish people,” Herzog said, according to The Times of Israel.

The man’s decision not to burn the Torah and the Bible came as a surprise to many, including those who had gathered to witness the event. As news of his change of heart spread, there was a mix of relief and confusion among the crowd.

Some questioned the true intentions behind the man’s initial plan. Was it a publicity stunt or a genuine act of protest? Others praised his decision, seeing it as a demonstration of respect and tolerance. Regardless of the reasons behind his change of plans, the incident had already sparked a heated debate about freedom of speech, religious tolerance, and the limits of expression.

In the end, while the man’s decision not to burn the religious scriptures may have alleviated some tensions, it also highlighted the need for ongoing efforts to promote respect, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence among different religious groups.

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