“Perchance the Champions League’s ensuing fate will be more favorable?”

Robert Lewandowski is on the brink of concluding his first campaign at Barcelona, and as they approach their grasp on winning La Liga, the nail-biting anticipation for better news from the next season’s Champions League is overwhelming.

As the season comes to an end, Barcelona is decorated with numerous accomplishments such as securing the La Liga title and the Spanish Super Cup, but the bitterness of failing to outshine in the Champions League still lingers in the ‘Cule’ club.

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During the Laureus Awards, Robert Lewandowski conversed with ‘Ran.de’ about his move to Barcelona and the heated battle amongst his former German clubs, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dormtund, for the Bundesliga title.

“I’m thrilled to be at Barcelona. We have high chances of winning La Liga, and it holds paramount importance for the club. Even though it’s an ongoing process, we are making significant progress and are on the right track,” Lewandowski expressed confidently.

On the thought of winning the league, he stated, “It would be an immense achievement for the club and the team. With many young players on board who are yet to claim a crucial title, this could be their next big step in their development. It would also be crucial for me, marking another championship in a new country. I am thrilled with our prospects at Barcelona, and despite obstacles faced by the team, we possess massive potential.”

The conversation shifted towards the Champions League, and Lewandowski remarked, “If we had entered the group stage later by three months, we could have been better equipped than before the international break. I hope we have a better season next time around, considering the scenario was a lot more challenging when we faced Bayern in the first half. Now, it might be a tad easier.”

“If one of the two German teams falls short, the other will bag the Bundesliga championship. As per my observation, it seems like Bayern has the upper hand, with significant decisions made in recent weeks likely playing a role. I’m routing for Bayern and hope the team wins the title,” he concluded, commenting on the Bayern-Borussia Bundesliga strife.

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