Pedri’s Comment on Mbappe to Madrid Leaves Everyone Bewildered: “I Lack Authority as Their Sporting Director or President”

Pedri's Comment On Mbappe To Madrid Leaves Everyone Bewildered: "i Lack Authority As Their Sporting Director Or President"

During Barcelona’s pre-season training camp in the United States, the enigmatic playmaker Pedri Gonzalez found himself bombarded with questions regarding Kylian Mbappe’s potential move to Real Madrid. However, in a fashion that perplexed many, Pedri responded with an air of nonchalance and indifference, stating that he holds no authority to make decisions for Real Madrid and their transfer dealings.

Pedri emphasized that Barcelona’s main focus lies on their upcoming tour in the US and the arduous task of preparing for the ensuing season. “I’m neither Real Madrid’s sporting director nor the president,” he uttered matter-of-factly. “Let them do what they have to do. We are focused on the tour and preparing for the new campaign,” he added while conversing with reporters amidst the training camp.

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Looking ahead, Pedri expressed his enthusiasm for the challenging fixtures that await Barcelona against their formidable adversaries during the tour. “We have four great games against four very strong opponents. We want to have a good time and above all prepare for next season,” he proclaimed with a sense of anticipation.

Furthermore, the young prodigy shared his thoughts on his new teammate Ilkay Gundogan’s arrival at the Catalan side. “He is nothing short of spectacular,” Pedri exclaimed, praising Gundogan’s previous exploits with Manchester City before witnessing the latter’s skills firsthand in training. “It’s incredible to see how he doesn’t lose any balls. We are going to have a great time with him both inside and outside the pitch. It’s very difficult to see him lose a ball. His calmness is what surprises me the most. I think the three signings the club has made are world-class players,” he added, leaving many in awe of his admiration for the new additions.

As the press conference concluded, Pedri’s intriguing statements left the audience perplexed but eager for more updates on Barcelona’s preparations for the upcoming season.

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