Pedri’s baffling proclamation: “We must vigorously battle for everything in the upcoming year”

Pedri's Baffling Proclamation: "we Must Vigorously Battle For Everything In The Upcoming Year"

In an interview with ‘El Dia’, Barcelona playmaker Pedri Gonzalez expressed his determination for the upcoming season, stating that his team will give their all in an attempt to secure every possible title. At just 20 years old, Pedri has already displayed his leadership qualities, adding two trophies – the Spanish Super Cup and a La Liga title – to his collection last season. However, Pedri shows no signs of slowing down and is eager to compete for more silverware in the future.

“We’re a young team looking to improve,” Pedri explained. “Although I’m unsure about the upcoming transfer window and potential signings, we have a talented group with many strengths, and next year, we must aim to fight for everything. It had been a significant amount of time since we last won a major title, but we accomplished it this season.”

Pedri’s main objectives moving forward are to win the Champions League with Barcelona and the World Cup with Spain. “These are trophies that all players desire, and I haven’t had the privilege of winning either. It’s something that occupies my thoughts, and I will undoubtedly strive to reach that level and position myself for victory.”

Reflecting on his first La Liga triumph, Pedri highlighted the value of consistency and the difficulty of securing the title. “It rewards regularity, which is highly commendable and distinguishes the best in the entire championship. Winning it is incredibly challenging, requiring constant efforts to come out on top each day. When you eventually experience the moment of celebration, it fills you with joy. As someone who had never experienced it before, it was even more special for me,” he concluded.