Peaceful situation as Ethiopian Amhara militias withdraw

Peaceful Situation As Ethiopian Amhara Militias Withdraw

Kalkidan Yibeltal
Friday August 11, 2023

Local armed groups in Ethiopia’s turbulent Amhara region have withdrawn from several major cities after engaging in combat with government forces. Residents in the region’s two largest cities, Bahir Dar and Gondar, reported a notable decrease in violence and a return to relative calm on Thursday morning. To maintain order in the area and address the clashes, the government has established a command post and implemented a night-time curfew in six cities and towns. Additionally, the carrying of weapons and public demonstrations have been prohibited. As a result of the improved situation, the locals in Bahir Dar have been able to hold proper burials for the civilians who lost their lives during the unrest.

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Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights organization, has urged the global community to exert pressure on the Ethiopian government to protect civilians. In a statement released on Wednesday, HRW accused the authorities of responding to the escalating violence in Amhara with increased repression. The United Kingdom has reaffirmed its previous advisory, urging its citizens present in the affected areas to find secure locations and remain there until it is safe to leave.

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