Over Two Dozen Migrants Unaccounted for after Vessel Accident Near Djibouti Coast

Over Two Dozen Migrants Unaccounted For After Vessel Accident Near Djibouti Coast

24+ Migrants Missing After Shipwreck Off Djibouti Coast

Geneva/Djibouti – Tragedy struck on the night of August 17th near the coastal town of Obock in Djibouti as a shipwreck claimed the lives of over 24 missing migrants.

Approximately 60 migrants, including 18 women and at least 2 minors under 18 years old, were onboard the vessel. So far, 26 migrants have been rescued, but sadly, 11 bodies have been recovered.

Rescue efforts are ongoing, led by the authorities of Djibouti. Despite their persistent efforts, it is feared that the remainder of the missing migrants may not be found alive.

Annually, a staggering number of 200,000 migrants embark on a treacherous journey from Djibouti’s coastline, navigating the perilous Gulf of Aden, where this unfortunate incident occurred. In recent months, deaths on this migration route, both at sea and on land, have been increasing, as reported by IOM.

According to IOM’s Missing Migrants Project, since 2014, a minimum of 417 lives have been lost on migration routes in Djibouti, highlighting the perilous conditions faced by those seeking a better life.

Despite the inherent dangers, the influx of Ethiopian migrants arriving in Djibouti from the Arabian Peninsula and within Ethiopia itself continues to rise.

“This tragic incident showcases the immense challenges experienced by migrants and host communities along this route. IOM, in collaboration with the Djiboutian authorities and generous donors, is actively responding to the needs of those affected by providing support and assistance,” stated Tanja Pacifico, IOM’s Chief of Mission in Djibouti.

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