Over 150 religious leaders travel to Saudi Arabia for global Islamic conference

Over 150 Religious Leaders Travel To Saudi Arabia For Global Islamic Conference

Over 150 religious leaders from around the globe are set to convene in Saudi Arabia for a significant international Islamic conference. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will serve as the host for this conference, which will be held in Makkah. The primary objective of this gathering, scheduled for August 13-14, is to promote moderation and foster dialogue among religious leaders.

The event, announced by the state news agency (SPA), will feature discussions on various crucial topics. These include addressing the issues of extremism and terrorism, as well as promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence among individuals. Through seven panels, participating leaders will explore these themes.

The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance has organized this two-day conference with the aim of establishing connections and fostering unity among scholars and religious institutions worldwide. Additionally, it seeks to highlight the crucial role these leaders play in combatting extremist ideologies and violence, ultimately contributing to a more harmonious Muslim world.

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