Over 100 refugees?! Flown out of Libya?! Resettled in Norway?! What is happening?! The burst of emotions that come with this news is simply overwhelming!

Over 100 Refugees?! Flown Out Of Libya?! Resettled In Norway?! What Is Happening?! The Burst Of Emotions That Come With This News Is Simply Overwhelming!

In a rather perplexing twist of events, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has shockingly revealed that over 100 refugees, who will be relocated to Norway, were recently whisked out of Libya in a burst of activity. Apparently, in a statement posted on its Facebook page, the UNHCR confirmed that “Yesterday (May 31), more than 100 refugees left Libya for the Emergency Transit Center in Romania, where they will be processed for their resettlement to Norway.” It is believed that the evacuated refugees were picked from a mix of countries, including Sudan, Eritrea, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, with several women and children at heightened risk, according to the statement. In light of this recent development, the UNHCR has now turned its attention to urging other states to “consider offering similar safe and legal pathways for asylum-seekers and refugees in need of international protection”. As the statement further revealed, this successful evacuation is part of a broader initiative that has seen the UNHCR resettle more than 3,400 refugees to Europe, Canada, and Australia since 2017.

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