“Outrageous! Puntland’s Interior Minister denounces meddling in Garowe’s elections!”

Date: Thursday May 25, 2023


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Breaking news from Garowe (AX) leaves many perplexed and bursting with emotion. The Interior Minister of Puntland, Abdi Farah Saeed Juha, has voiced his disappointment regarding the disruptive actions of certain derogatory politicians that have prevented elections from taking place.

Amidst speculation of conflict, the Interior Minister refuted such claims and criticized the efforts of Islam Isse Islam Mohammed’s negotiation attempts. Juha, Puntland’s Minister of Internal Affairs, made a bold statement declaring, “Four political figures have recklessly meddled with the fate of the people of the Nugal region.”

Despite working tirelessly to avert conflict, demonstrating patience, and engaging in good faith dialogue, Minister Juha’s trust was betrayed. He stated, “We’ve successfully established peace, and the people of Nugal will get their chance.”

Puntland’s achievement of a significant historic victory with 30 districts holding peaceful elections is cause for celebration. However, the continued efforts to accelerate the Garowe election process and remaining two districts leave many on edge.

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