Somalia: Puntland sets model in war on terror

Puntland troops are building up momentum against vile Al Shabaab terrorism without external military assistance. This can be described as a Somali-style role model set for Somalia’s Federal Government (SFG), which has ironically tried to keep at bay menace of terror at a time when thousands of peacekeepers from troop contributing African countries are at its disposal.

Puntland has to combat terrorism with Somalia Government, given how our brave soldiers encircled Al Shabaab fighters on two frontlines. Definitely, I call the model ‘excellent combat experience template’ that deserves to be emulated for similar encounters in central and southern Somalia.

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Victory may be a bane of existence for some but I salute, media workers beaming photos of Puntland machinegun bursts echoing against remnants. As of Friday, fighting was clattering sporadically in Suuj where I was told, that government troops are ‘neutralizing’ (killing or injuring) terrorists hiding in deep pits.

The counterterrorism success story modeled in Puntland is in sight; but now the question is: When will government troops end the operation? Having weakened in iron fist offensives, militants are attending to big blow.

AMISOM forces have fought alongside Somali National Army (SNA) for years but the progress in the battlefield is contrasting in comparison to Puntland. Within two days, the conclusion of the ongoing fight was clear, because security forces are only waiting for the remaining fighters to surrender due to the mounting military pressure in the areas.

For a while, let me backtrack the matter to find out where we went wrong. Firstly, we do lack a composition that can be the epitome of a united and strong national army capable of bringing anti-peace elements to their knees.

Puntland model is a beacon of hope for Somalia; Puntland not only incorporated experience into devotion. It also demonstrated unyielding sense of unity.
For now or never. We’re all Somalis.

Nobody should have been excused from the discussion of Somaliweyn. On noisy twitter, it’s not about unity, but reer hebel and heated exchanges of snide initials in typical Somali monikers.

Spasm of terrorism is over. And Puntland troops will be auguring well for the liberation of whole country in the near future, Insha’allah.

By Abdirashid M. Dahir

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