One fatality and two wounded in clash between security forces and protesters in Beledweyne town

One Fatality And Two Wounded In Clash Between Security Forces And Protesters In Beledweyne Town

Monday August 21, 2023

Beledweyne (AX) – A protest in Beledweyne town turned tragic when security forces opened fire on demonstrators, resulting in one fatality and two individuals injured. The protests were ignited by the arrest of military officer Shegow Ahmed Ali during a security operation in Mogadishu on Saturday.

The protesters were vehemently calling for the immediate release of Captain Shegow Ahmed Ali. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the shooting occurred in the Howlwadag neighborhood. This incident marks the second time security forces have resorted to firing during demonstrations in Mogadishu, Jowhar, and Beledweyne since Sunday.

Previously, security forces had fired live ammunition at supporters of former Somali military captain Shegow Ahmed Ali in Mogadishu on Sunday, fortunately avoiding any casualties.

Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, a federal lawmaker, criticized the government’s use of violent measures against protesters and emphasized that Captain Shegow’s arrest required a court order, as he is an army officer.

“I strongly denounce the use of live ammunition during today’s demonstration in Mogadishu. While I do not endorse the violent actions and stone-throwing by the protesters, resorting to live ammunition is even more dangerous. The soldiers responsible for the officer’s arrest acted unjustifiably, and our silence has been influenced by the government’s ongoing operations against al-Shabab,” Warsame expressed.

Somali police forces apprehended military captain Sheegow Ahmed Ali and 25 of his armed companions on charges of destabilizing the capital’s security and engaging in altercations with security personnel. A police spokesperson stated that stolen mobile phones and counterfeit banknotes were discovered at his residence.

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