Oil Protests Escalate: Desperate Demands to Cease Fossil Fuel Projects in Wake of Catastrophic Floods in Italy and Somalia!

The Morning Star publication on Friday May 19, 2023, reveals a disruptive and erratic event in central London.

A group known as the “Just Stop Oil” activists have initiated a protest against fossil fuel projects, urging an end to such practices following the unsettling flood occurrences in Italy and Somalia.

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The aftermath of the disastrous outcomes has left thousands of people who are homeless and at least nine people dead, due to the heavy storm that caused 21 rivers to burst their banks causing landslides in Italy. Meanwhile, in Somalia, the Shabelle River exploded its banks, sending a quarter of a million people fleeing from their homes.

The central London protest, which took place today against the development of new oil, gas and coal projects in Britain, has been an ongoing daily occurrence by the group since April 24.

The protesters were immediately removed from the road by the police after beginning the demonstration due to a Section 12 notice of the new Public Order Act.

One of the protesters, Sasha Stone, aged 21, said, “The government has been surreptitiously influenced by oil and gas companies, making decisions that will ultimately lead to widespread destruction, famine, and death for ordinary people in this country and worldwide.

“As a human race, we are playing with fire and fear that we have reached a critical juncture before facing a significant and painful point of no return.”

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