Officials for Man Utd vs. Wolves game benched for upcoming weekend

Officials For Man Utd Vs. Wolves Game Benched For Upcoming Weekend

The match officials who oversaw the encounter between Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers have faced consequences for their actions, as they have been handed a one-match ban from participating in the prestigious Premier League. This penalty was imposed due to a glaring oversight by the officials, who failed to acknowledge and award a clear penalty committed by Andre Onana during the game.

The incident occurred in the dying moments of the match, when Onana, in an attempt to punch the ball, collided with Kalajdzic. However, to the dismay of many, referee Simon Hooper disregarded pleas for a penalty, and the ball eventually went out for a goal kick. Even though the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) reviewed the incident, no penalty was granted. As a result, Wolverhampton Wanderers suffered a 1-0 defeat, with the only goal being scored by Raphael Varane.

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Following this regrettable lapse in judgment, the Premier League Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) offered a sincere apology to Wolves’ manager, Gary O’Neil. The director of the PGMOL, Jon Moss, acknowledged that the penalty decision should have been an obvious one and admitted that both the failure to award the penalty and the non-utilization of VAR were errors on their part.

Looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, head referee Simon Hooper and VAR referees Michael Salisbury and Richard West have not been chosen to oversee any matches. Their current status has been recorded as “not selected”, as the decision for next weekend’s fixtures had not yet been finalized prior to the Manchester United versus Wolverhampton Wanderers game.

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