“Numerous Young African Singers Awarded: The Great Lyric Voices of Africa”

"numerous Young African Singers Awarded: The Great Lyric Voices Of Africa"

The final of the second international competition of great African opera voices took place on Saturday, April 16, at the National Museum of the History of Immigration in Paris.

Over a hundred singers from three continents participated and several young African singers were rewarded in three categories: professional, semi-professional, and amateur.

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The Foundation for African Opera Voices, which works in France to support African opera singers and artists, organized the event.

The prestigious jury of this competition, presided over by the mezzo-soprano singer Hélène Delavault, awarded its highest distinction to the young Malagasy soprano living in France, Mariamielle Lamagat. “The winner of the competition does not depend on who sings the best, I think. It depends on who performs the best, musically, vocally, at the moment, but I do not consider myself the best singer, technically speaking, in the entire competition. There are still amazing people!”

Sonia Waton, of Cameroonian origin living in Belgium, was awarded two prizes, for best interpretation and audience choice: “This is the effect I am looking for and it has been achieved. It is the most beautiful gratification I can have.”

And it is Patricia Djomseu, delegated president of Woman of Africa, who is the instigator of the event and organizer of the competition: “An absolutely extraordinary edition with wonderful voices. It is also the celebration of French excellence. Candidates came from French conservatories, Europe, the United States, etc… and it is truly the celebration of diversity and the highlighting of African opera voices. This second international grand prize delivered on its promises. We have discovered absolutely extraordinary voices.”

The winner of the grand prize, Mariamielle Lamagat, will be Axadle’s Culture guest on Monday, April 17.

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