Notable Somali Artist, AHmed Naaji Sa’ad, Deceased in London

Notable Somali Artist, Ahmed Naaji Sa'ad, Deceased In London

Monday September 4, 2023

LONDON, UK (AX) – The respected Somali artist, Ahmed Naji Sa’ad, who was a prominent figure in Somali music, passed away this evening in London. May he rest in peace.

His son, Yahye Ahmed-Naji, confirmed his father’s demise.

Ahmed Naji gained recognition for his significant contributions to Somali theatre, music, and literature.

According to his biography, he was born in 1939 in the Shibis district of Mogadishu, formerly known as Bilaajo a’rab.

After the collapse of the Somali state, Naji took up residence in London and seldom returned to his home country, with his last visit being in 2011.

In 1962, Ahmed Naji’s music made its debut on Radio Mogadishu, where one of his notable songs, a Banaadiri track titled “Wuu Ahaaday Adduunka,” received airplay.

He frequently appeared on a Radio Mogadishu program called “Lugo-baxsi,” which aired every Sunday and provided a platform for artists to showcase their talents in a competitive environment.

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