Chief of northern Somalia has made a series of embarrassing statements demanding campaign money, While adamantly Refusing Any Interference

Friday May 19, 2023: The situation in Northern Somalia continues confuse and break with tension as President Muse Bihi Abdi declares that they have enough funds for overdue elections and refuse to rely on international aid support. During a commemoration event, President Bihi reaffirmed the need for elections but also expressed the country’s staunch independence from external influences.

“We will not allow outsiders to manipulate our election process or our laws. Foolish are those who try to deceive us,” President Bihi stated with a degree of irrevocable assertiveness.

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He went on to declare that “Our election funds are self-sufficient, and we appreciate your support, but we will not accept any interference!.”

The country’s political climate has been tense since last year with violent clashes between security forces and protesters demanding presidential elections in November. The opposition even went so far as renouncing Bihi’s presidency after his constitutional mandate expired, sparking a crisis of leadership and waning national unity.

Despite international concern over the situation and delays in Northern Somalia’s presidential elections, the country remains steadfast and self-reliant, refusing to entertain interference in its affairs.

With protests calling for reunification with Somalia spreading across SSC, the country faces an existential crisis. In Las Anod, claims of illegal administration sparked off unrest and sustained shelling, causing massive casualties and damage to infrastructure. The situation remains highly perplexing, explosive and unpredictable.

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