Northern Somalia’s mind-boggling allegations against ex-Somali authorities of a secret machination, as anxiety reaches boiling point in Las Anod

On Thursday, May 18th 2023, in Hargeisa (AX), President Muse Bihi Abdi of Northern Somalia made shocking allegations against ex-officials from Somalia’s former military regime and the Puntland administration. These allegations accused them of a conspiracy to partition Northern Somalia.

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During this commemoration event, President Bihi made it clear that his administration would defend against such malicious actions. He presented the ongoing conflict in Las Anod as evidence of the Puntland administration’s potential involvement. The President made strong claims that former military officers involved in past crimes during the revolutionary regime, had assembled in Puntland with intentions to cause harm to Northern Somalia.

Giving emphasis to this, the President declared that the same army commanders that covered Hargeysa, Burco and Borama with devastation, leading to loss of lives, were now in Garowe, and determined to repeat their destructive actions from three decades ago. Therefore, Northern Somalia would resist any attempts to infringe upon its borders, warning that any such violations could jeopardize all of Somalia’s borders.

Despite Northern Somalia claiming independence in 1991, the global community has yet to acknowledge the former British colony’s status officially.

The Puntland regional state has repeatedly denied involvement in the Las Anod conflict. Nonetheless, local residents have taken up arms against Northern Somalia forces. Before the hostilities between Northern Somalia and SCC-Khatumo, the Information Minister encouraged peaceful protests in Las Anod against Northern Somalia’s government, advising against registering for Northern Somalia’s elections.

The heavy fighting that has engulfed the northern Somali city of Las Anod since February 6th has claimed hundreds of lives and displaced thousands. Reports of intense skirmishes between Northern Somalia’s army and SSC-Khatumo forces in Las Anod’s outskirts emerged on Thursday. In response, traditional elders of SSC-Khatumo accused the Northern Somalia military of initiating attacks in Las Anod from different directions. These accusations were supported by a press statement that alleged that Northern Somalia forces had targeted local security units, resulting in a defensive response from the People’s Defense Forces SSC-Khatumo.

Tensions aggravated due to the circulation of photos on social media, showing a Northern Somalia military armoured vehicle advancing towards the Goja Adde command. This event was believed to have exacerbated the ongoing conflict in Las Anod.

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