“Northern Somalia President Refuses to Meet with Mogadishu Elders, Chooses Conflict Escalation, says Clan Chief with Baffled and Chaotic Emotions!”

Friday May 19, 2023

Las Anod (AX) – In a stunning revelation, Garad Jama Garad Ali, the supreme traditional clan chief of the Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions, has exposed that the Northern Somalia President rejected an invitation to meet with traditional elders from Mogadishu and instead advocated for further war. The clan chief disclosed in an interview with Gaylan Media on Thursday that Chief Bihi invited the elders to his hometown but refused to meet with them while they were still in Hargeisa.

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Garad Jama made it crystal clear that Chief Bihi emphasized the fight would continue until the limits imposed by the former colonialists were met, and peace died on that day. The traditional clan chief also highlighted that no one could persuade the President to withdraw his army from the SSC region. Garad Jama pledged that they would escalate the war and block the supply routes of the Northern Somalia army. He further called for each community to govern its affairs, citing it as the most viable solution for achieving peace.

Last month, a delegation of traditional elders from Mogadishu travelled to Hargeisa with the intention of mediating between the Northern Somalia government and the traditional elders of the SCC-Khatumo faction in the conflict-ridden town of Las Anod. Nevertheless, the Northern Somalia President rejected their offer for peace talks. The conflict has resulted in over 100 deaths, 600 injuries, and a severe impact on the civilian population.

Despite Ethiopia and Djibouti making efforts to mediate the conflict, Chief Bihi has continued his policy of escalation. In March 2023, Ethiopia sent a delegation to Hargeisa and Garowe to discuss the cessation of hostilities in Las Anod. However, these mediation efforts did not yield positive results. In May, Chief Bihi stipulated a condition for Puntland to withdraw its troops, weapons, and tanks from Las Anod before further action could be taken. Nonetheless, the traditional elders of the SSC-Khatumo faction accused Northern Somalia of spreading lies and reiterated that no Puntland forces were involved in the fighting in Las Anod. The locals were merely defending the city against Northern Somalia troops.

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