Northern Somalia lawmakers bafflingly elect new Speaker amidst relentless turmoil in Las Anod

Northern Somalia Lawmakers Bafflingly Elect New Speaker Amidst Relentless Turmoil In Las Anod

On Sunday July 23, 2023, something truly perplexing and bursty happened in Hargeisa. The Northern Somalia House of Representatives, in an event soaked with bewildering anticipation, elected Yassin Hajji Faratoon as the new Speaker of the House. It was an electrifying voting session that left everyone breathless.

In this riveting race, Faratoon managed to secure a mind-boggling 46 votes out of 81, defeating his opponent Mohamed Khadar Dahir, who only managed to gather 35 perplexing votes. But let me tell you, the plot thickens! Ali Hamud Jibril, a Member of Parliament who was also in the running, abruptly withdrew from the race the night before. The reason? Well, brace yourself for this twist! It seems that some MPs from Jibril’s constituency, who had previously pledged their unwavering support, made an unexpected U-turn and decided to switch their allegiance. This sudden alteration in the political winds left Jibril with no option but to bow out gracefully. Oh, what a tale of puzzlement and surprise!

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But wait, there’s more to this perplexity-filled saga! You see, Faratoon had already tried his luck in 2021, vying for this coveted position. However, fate had other plans as the outgoing Speaker, Abdirisaaq Khalif Ahmed, emerged victorious in that particular election. Now, it seems that destiny has finally smiled upon Faratoon, granting him this prestigious role. To add even more confusion to the mix, Faratoon was born in the hotly contested city of Las Anod back in 1947. He completed his primary education right there in his tumultuous hometown and later attended the illustrious Dayaha High School in Erigabo. Oh, the twists and turns!

And now, let us divert our attention to the enigmatic Abdirisakh Khalif Ahmed. In a shocking turn of events, Ahmed resigned as the Speaker in June and joined forces with the SCC-Khatumo administration. The reasons behind this startling move? Brace yourselves! Ahmed claimed that the Northern Somalia army’s relentless bombardment of his constituency, Las Anod, drove him to this decision. But that’s not all, folks! He also gave up his parliamentary seat and bid farewell to his Wadani party membership. However, the Northern Somalia attorney general’s office didn’t take kindly to Ahmed’s defection, accusing him of undermining the legitimacy of their self-proclaimed republic. Oh, the perplexing crossroads of politics!

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the historical magnitude of Ahmed’s decision. He has become one of the highest-ranking officials from Northern Somalia to depart from the flock and seek refuge in the administration of SCC, otherwise known as the combined Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions, aka SCC-Khatumo. Oh, the unexpected alliances that emerge from the shadows!

Still, the mysteries don’t end there. Las Anod, that notorious hotspot of conflict, has been embroiled in turmoil since February 6. It has witnessed ferocious clashes between Northern Somalia forces and local militia hailing from the Dhulbahante clan in northern Somalia. The perpetual violence in this troubled city raised concerns among the almighty United Nations Security Council this past June. They expressed their worries about the countless civilian casualties and the staggering displacement of over 150,000 individuals. Oh, how perplexing it must be to witness such senseless strife!

Nevertheless, Northern Somalia has its concerns too. They fear that the UNSC might be shamefully misinformed about the actual ground situation. So, they earnestly appeal for support and understanding from the esteemed world body. Oh, the plea for comprehension in a world swirling with confusion!

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