Newcastle Bewildered as Atletico Demands a Staggering £100 Million for Joao Felix Transfer!

Portuguese footballer, Joao Felix, finds himself in a perplexing situation as his loan spell at Chelsea draws to a close in June. Although he desires to prolong his stay in the Premier League, he seeks to compete in the Champions League, with Newcastle emerging as a possible contender for the player. Atletico Madrid, however, plan to demand approximately 100 million euros for the striker if Newcastle indeed seeks him out. Interestingly, the Madrid side initially acquired Joao Felix with a hefty price tag of 120 million euros and hope to recover a significant portion of their investment. While Newcastle has previously dished out a gargantuan sum of almost 200 million euros on new signings, it remains to be seen if they will be willing to spend such a substantial amount on the Portuguese player. The future of Joao Felix remains uncertain and only time will tell what the outcome will be.

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