New Sheffield Wednesday manager Danny Rohl enjoys victory in inaugural home match


Sheffield Wednesday’s manager, Danny Rohl, expressed his delight as his team secured a 2-0 victory against Rotherham in his first home game in charge. Michael Smith, formerly of Rotherham, scored both goals during the first half, ensuring Wednesday’s first win of the season. Rotherham, on the other hand, failed to pose any real threat for a comeback.

Rohl couldn’t contain his excitement about being part of such an incredible club and witnessing the immense support from the fans within the stadium. He was particularly pleased with the team’s performance on the pitch, which perfectly aligned with their desired style of play. The squad had trained intensively over the past 10 days, and it was evident that their hard work paid off.

“It was a fantastic display of high intensity against a challenging opponent, resulting in a clean sheet and two well-deserved goals,” Rohl explained. Additionally, he noticed the readiness and commitment of all the players, both on and off the field. With a large squad like theirs, having every player prepared and involved is crucial to their success.

Rohl emphasized the importance of establishing a winning mindset and fostering enjoyment for the game. The team had discussed their game plan extensively, aiming to play in a manner that would spur belief and confidence in their direction. The manager commended the team’s enthusiasm to fight for the ball and their relentless determination, which he found truly inspiring.

On the other side, Rotherham’s boss, Matt Taylor, didn’t hold back his disappointment after witnessing his team’s lackluster performance. Taylor expressed a mix of frustration, anger, and sadness at their poor showing across various aspects of the game.

“In possession and out of possession, we were second best in both departments,” Taylor lamented. He emphasized the significance of local derbies, where every player must step up and perform at their best. Unfortunately, they failed to meet this expectation, and the game took a pivotal turn after conceding a goal through a midfield giveaway.

Taylor urged his players to exhibit greater mental agility throughout the match, whether it involved winning crucial duels or making intelligent decisions on the field. The team’s lack of energy and poor execution left him disappointed, emphasizing the need for greater commitment and effort on the pitch. He stressed the importance of sacrificing oneself for the team, showing determination, and giving one’s best to influence the game positively.

Ultimately, Rotherham’s subpar performance led to the expected outcome, leaving Taylor and his team acutely aware of the harsh reality of competing in such an unforgiving league.