New entrance in the works as baffling numbers flock to Somalian eatery in East London!

On Sunday May 14, 2023, Zahra Khaliq reported on Al-Kahf, a Somali restaurant in Whitechapel, East London that has become a sensation among locals and Londoners. Despite London’s diverse food options, Al-Kahf has captured the hearts and stomachs of many with its exceptional cuisine, attracting long queues of hungry diners. In fact, some diners are willing to wait over two hours just to be seated. The restaurant recently underwent a full refurbishment, including an extended entrance on the main road to fit another floor. Co-owner Saeed Jama explains that Al-Kahf’s food is fresh, authentic, and consistent in flavor. The restaurant’s most popular dish is the Al-Kahf slow-cooked lamb shank, served with Somali rice and prepared in a ‘special sauce’. Other Somali delicacies include lamb and chicken wraps, biryani, and a special Al-Kahf ‘Meat Feast’. Prices are affordable, with the average meal costing between £6 to £10, and sharing platters that start at £14. Al-Kahf’s seating capacity has doubled since the refurbishment, now able to seat up to 140 people. The restaurant also added a separate ladies’ room to accommodate female customers, which can hold around 35-40 people. Al-Kahf has become a go-to restaurant for Muslim customers in Whitechapel and is conveniently located near East London Mosque. Regular diner Elyas, who goes by the username elyasfoodbae on TikTok, reviewed Al-Kahf and helped it achieve viral status.

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