“My mind is in disarray when it comes to Messi, my thoughts scattered between Barca and him”

The recent uproar surrounding Leo Messi’s uncertain future has left both fans and ex-players perplexed. Thierry Henry, the renowned ex-footballer, has come out in staunch support of Messi and even expressed his deep admiration for the player. In fact, Henry went on to say that he believes Messi’s return to Barcelona is a definite possibility, highlighting the player’s long-standing roots with the club.

As things stand, it’s still unclear where Messi will end up next. With his PSG contract coming to an end, some speculate that he may leave the club altogether. However, many believe that a return to Barcelona is not out of the question. Henry, who played alongside Messi in the past, reiterated his confidence in the player’s ability and his unwavering support for him.

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Despite the criticisms being levelled against Messi by certain quarters of the PSG fans, Henry believes that the problem is not with the player but with the club. He insists that Messi is not a problematic player; on the contrary, he has time and again been a solution for many teams. Henry also expressed his regret over players missing training sessions, but was quick to add that nobody should be above an institution and that all rules must be followed at all times.

With Henry’s opinion coming out in the open, fans are left with mixed feelings about Messi’s future. Some believe that he will stay with PSG, while others are more confident about his impending return to Barcelona. Only time will tell where Messi will end up.

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