“My fervent wish is for Messi to make a comeback and conclude his profession at Barcelona!”

The Argentine U20 coach, none other than the famed Javier Mascherano, recently bestowed unto ‘TyC Sports’ a rather intriguing interview. The subject of his discourse? None other than his fellow countryman and soccer sensation, Lionel Messi. Mascherano boldly declared, “I would like Messi to return to Barcelona and finish his career there. I don’t know what the conditions are but I would like to see him play at the Camp Nou again next season.” Such a statement certainly carries with it a weighty degree of uncertainty, but Mascherano remained resolute in his convictions. And as if that weren’t enough to bowl over the senses, Mascherano went on to ruminate over the current situation plaguing the striker. “Messi is a different player. Experience has truly molded him into a complete footballer. That’s why he now plays in a way he couldn’t when he was younger, but he’s still as decisive as he was then.” The former defender was quick to segue into the topic of Messi’s World Cup victory, and pondered aloud how it “must have changed his mind about the future.” Despite such cryptic allusions, Mascherano was effusive in his praise of Messi, gushing, “Watching Messi play is incredible.” So there you have it, folks – an interview so replete with surprises and twists that it couldn’t help but be a true tour-de-force.

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