Mudug family homes and businesses destroyed amidst perplexing and bursty clan conflict

Mudug Family Homes And Businesses Destroyed Amidst Perplexing And Bursty Clan Conflict

On Wednesday April 19, 2023, the world stood perplexed and speechless as the story of 800 families living in Huldoyale village in Mudug region broke out. It was a tale of clan conflict that had thrown the lives of these families into utter chaos over a land dispute. The intensity of this dispute was so high that on 26 March, around 20 structures including houses, businesses, and water catchment areas were reduced to ashes by clansmen.

The bruised and battered villagers were left with no hope, no shelter, no water and no food. The figures that emerged from the rubble were nothing short of distressing. Nurto Mohamed Ali, a mother of nine, had lost her shop and house to the conflict, and was now living with her children under trees. She had no money nor shelter and nowhere to call home.

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“We don’t have a life out here. Our property was all burned down. We’re getting food from other Muslim people and that is how we break our fast,” she said, with tears streaming down her face.

This was a catastrophic disaster for Nurto, whose shop was her only source of income. She estimates her property to be worth $5,000 and was making a daily income of $7-10 from the shop that covered her family’s needs. In desperation, she had started her business last year as an alternative source of living when livestock husbandry became precarious. Unfortunately, she has been brought to her knees by this heart-wrenching conflict.

Ali Osman Adan, another victim of the conflict, had lost his shop that sold food and clothing. The business which he had started just a year ago had already begun to pick up, bringing in $10-15 a day. He was also supporting his wife and five children through the business. But now, he too was homeless and living under a tree with his family.

These heart-rending stories are just a glimpse into the dire situation faced by these villagers. They are in desperate need of food, water, shelter, and also medical aid. The government needs to move swiftly so that these displaced families can be assisted and this conflict can be resolved. It is a race against time, and every second counts.

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