Mogadishu Battle veterans plan reunion in Knoxville

Mogadishu Battle Veterans Plan Reunion In Knoxville

By Evan Lasek
Thursday September 7, 2023

An anniversary reunion is scheduled for October

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – The approaching 30-year anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, also known as Operation Gothic Serpent, holds significance.

“In this 30th year anniversary, it is important for both the business and veteran communities to reconnect and express gratitude for their service,” stated retired Army Ranger John Burns.

The Battle of Mogadishu, famously portrayed in the book and movie “Black Hawk Down,” will bring soldiers together in Knoxville for the first time since the event.

“These soldiers deserve an opportunity to relax and explore Knoxville, a city that extends its hospitality to individuals who have dedicated their lives to war,” remarked Burns.

During the Battle of Mogadishu, soldiers famously had to accomplish the Mogadishu Mile, sprinting through the streets of Somalia while under constant gunfire, until reaching a safe location one mile away.

“There was a period when the wounded soldiers were being loaded into vehicles, leaving no space for able-bodied men to join them. They had to sprint down the streets of Somalia, being shot at from all sides, and make their way back,” explained retired Army Ranger Jason Moore.

As part of the reunion weekend, community members will have the opportunity to honor these soldiers by participating in a Mogadishu Mile through the streets of Knoxville on October 7.

“We will be organizing a Mogadishu Mile during the event on Saturday and hope to see the entire community come out to support. We will have flybys with a squadron of helicopters, and many of the original runners from the first Mogadishu Mile in Somalia will also participate,” added Moore.

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