Modric discusses Benzema’s transfer to Al Ittihad

Modric Discusses Benzema's Transfer To Al Ittihad

The esteemed recipient of the 2018 Ballon d’Or, Luka Modric, recently gave an interview to the Croatian media outlet ‘SN’ where he discussed his performance in the current season. During the interview, Modric also delved into his relationship with Karim Benzema, who departed for Saudi Arabia after the previous season.

At the age of 38, Luka Modric remains a vital player in Real Madrid’s squad. In fact, he recently extended his contract until June 2024, reinforcing his significance to the team.

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Despite limited playing time so far this season, Modric took advantage of the international break to share his expectations and objectives in an interview with ‘SN’ media:

– On his upcoming birthday: Modric expressed his enthusiasm for turning 38 and reflected on his continued passion for football. He stated that if someone had told him ten years ago that he would still find joy in the sport, he wouldn’t have believed them, highlighting the value he sees in training, the camaraderie with teammates, and the support from fans.

– On his season’s start: Modric acknowledged his disappointment in spending three consecutive games on the bench, as it was an unfamiliar experience for him. However, he emphasized that he would not allow it to negatively affect his performance. In fact, he feels motivated by the situation.

– On the rumors of a transfer to Saudi Arabia: Modric firmly stated his contentment and fulfillment at Real Madrid, dismissing any thoughts of moving elsewhere. He clarified that he doesn’t seek to boost his ego with stories of lucrative offers, and instead, his sole focus is to relish every moment with his football club.

– On his role as a veteran in the Madrid dressing room: Modric recognizes the responsibility to aid the progress of younger players and facilitate their eventual takeover. He expressed satisfaction in fulfilling this role and revealed that newcomers like Rodrygo and Vinicius seek advice from experienced players like himself.

– On his personal expectations for the season: Modric revealed that he had transparent discussions and agreements with the club and coach Carlo Ancelotti. He disclosed that his only condition for staying was to be considered a competitive player and not solely retained based on his past achievements.

– On his relationship with Toni Kroos: Modric talked about his enduring partnership with Kroos, indicating awareness that their time playing together is approaching its end. He mentioned that Kroos, who is four years younger, has a different perspective on the duration of his career.

– On his bond with Benzema: Modric expressed his longing for Benzema, with whom he shared 11 years together at Real Madrid. He confessed that whenever players like Ramos, Marcelo, or Ronaldo leave the team, he experiences a similar sense of nostalgia. Modric considers these relationships to be special and enduring, connecting them for the rest of their lives.

In conclusion, Luka Modric’s interview with ‘SN’ media shed light on various aspects of his career, highlighting his commitment to Real Madrid and his significant role both on and off the field.

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