Minnesota Muslims raise alarm over mosque attacks, voicing deep-seated unease and demanding urgent intervention

The recent wave of vandalism against four Minneapolis and St. Paul mosques has left many Muslim community members feeling a mix of emotions, including frustration, fear, and sadness. Some community members have taken action to make their voices heard and demand solutions to improve security at all houses of worship, regardless of religious affiliation. A plea for funding has been made to Governor Tim Walz’s office, seeking $7.5 million towards security improvements at 150 houses of worship, including security doors, lighting, and cameras. This funding would be available to all religions and is viewed as a necessary step to address ongoing security concerns. Many community members have expressed their disappointment with the lack of action from state and local officials, urging them to be proactive about ensuring everyone feels safe going to mosques, which often serve as community centers and gathering places. While law enforcement is currently investigating these incidents, community leaders are demanding more to be done before someone is hurt or killed.

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