“Mind-boggling revelations: The unprecedented virus that brought the world to a standstill – lessons we must learn from Covid 19”

"mind-boggling Revelations: The Unprecedented Virus That Brought The World To A Standstill - Lessons We Must Learn From Covid 19"

Let us delve into the realm of Covid-19 in Africa, a continent that has experienced 8,986,322 cases and 174,243 deaths.

Despite the pandemic no longer being deemed a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it has provided a stage for a global power-play between the United States and China. The pandemic has exposed the need for Africa to manufacture its own drugs and strengthen its health sector.

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The WHO announced the pandemic is no longer an emergency due to the decreasing trend in Covid-19 deaths, related hospitalisation and ICU admissions, and population immunity. However, a fearsome variant may arise in the future, implying a long-term plan is necessary.

An article in the Boston University School of Public Health questioned the rate of reported infections, hospitalisations, and deaths in sub-Saharan Africa, highlighting the possible discrepancy between reported and actual statistics.

The global vaccine race between world powers such as the United States, China, and Russia reflects international diplomacy’s mutual suspicion, secrecy, and determination to outperform one another. Since Africa began its largest immunisation drive to date, vaccine reluctance has prevailed for various reasons such as safety concerns and media misrepresentation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered the weakness of Africa’s health sector, which faces difficulties accessing vital drugs, vaccines, and health technologies. Consequently, the continent has become a new business frontier for international companies to manufacture, supply, and distribute affordable medicines. Investment in Africa’s capacity to manufacture vaccines has become a central focus, with the African Union prioritising its Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention as the body’s army for health emergencies.

In conclusion, Covid-19’s impact on Africa has been multifaceted, exposing the continent’s weaknesses in healthcare and requiring a long-term endurance of the pandemic. Nevertheless, African countries have the capacity to forge a brighter future by increasing their vaccine production capability, strengthening their health sector, and making greater investments in their pharmaceutical industry.

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