“Mind-boggling denial: Mane clings to Bayern as Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle circle hungrily in English!”

It is speculated that Bayern Munich may not be retaining the services of Sadio Mane in the upcoming season. Apparently, his output has not met their expectations and a scuffle with Leroy Sane has added to the perplexity. On the other hand, the Senegalese footballer has denied any rumors of his departure and is contemplating staying on until 2025. As per reports, Mane’s move to Bayern Munich last year was aimed at filling the void left by Roberto Lewandowski, which he has not been able to achieve. His altercation with a fellow team member has been a turning point and something that the board and the managers have not been pleased with. Due to his underwhelming on-field presence, the club is supposedly looking for ways to replace him. However, sources have implied that the player has no plans of leaving the German club any time soon and is focused on honoring his contract until 2025. Additionally, there have been rumors of several Premier League clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle and Liverpool being interested in signing Mane, but no formal offers have been made as of yet. Nevertheless, Mane’s return to England seems feasible as he has previously excelled in the English football scene.

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