“Mind-boggling barriers crippling the magnificent potential of Joao Felix”

Renato Paiva, former teammate of Joao Felix in the Benfica youth set-up, has expressed his observations on the young striker’s abilities. The current coach at Bahia pinpointed certain factors that impair Felix’s talent, despite believing in his potential. Speaking in a conference hosted by the Portuguese radio station ‘Radio Renascenca’, Paiva acknowledged that the current season has been a complicated phase for Felix, who is currently on loan at Chelsea. Paiva had once regarded Felix as a potential “super Ballon d’Or candidate,” but there are now obstacles limiting his progress. While Paiva remained vague on the specifics that limit Felix’s talent, he has overwhelming faith in his abilities. Joao Felix has been a top performer for Chelsea, who have struggled this season. However, after losing his spot in the team following the departure of Graham Porter, Felix has struggled to find support from new coach Frank Lampard.

In the same conference, Renato Paiva also shared his views on Ruben Dias, another Benfica product who now plays under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. Paiva noted how Dias was a player with exceptional leadership, ambition, and a willingness to learn back in their youth days. However, he expressed surprise at how much progress Dias has made since then, remarking that he never thought Dias would become a prominent player at a club like Manchester City.

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Overall, Renato Paiva’s insights into these two promising Portuguese players raise questions about the factors that shape a young player’s career trajectory. As for Paiva himself, he has recently moved to coach at Bahia in the Brazilian Primera Division, a testament to his versatility and experience.

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